Before you read any further it is important for you to know that ASOM is not like a traditional school. You are more than a student, you become an active missionary based at the Frontline Response (formerly, Atlanta Dream Center). We are here to guide and train you in everything God has called you into while giving you opportunities to activate yourself in hands-on ministry experiences.

At the Atlanta School of Ministry, we are focused on launching men and women of God out into the world equipped in every area of life (Corporate, Ministry, Family) to bring God glory–and to let Heaven Invade Earth.


At the Atlanta School of Ministry, we do not call our attendees students; rather, we call them missionaries. Becoming an ASOM missionary means you are active in full time missions work while achieving the benefits of ministerial licensing and degree credits.  


Life at ASOM is one that is surrounded by prayer, worship, and intentionally reaching others with the love of God. With community living, outreach and missions, prayer and intimacy, we rely on Holy Spirit and move in His presence.


Full-time or Online. One of the Cornerstones of the Atlanta School of Ministry are the classes provided every day. Atlanta School of Ministry thrives on the Word and Academics to give missionary students degrees, pastoral licensing, and certification in a number of areas upon graduation.


Missionary students at ASOM have the option to achieve live credits towards a bachelor’s degree with our college partnerships. All missionary students who choose this option may be eligible for Federal Financial Aid.

The Atlanta School of Ministry partners with both Ecclessia College and Visible Music College.

For more information on full time and online options, call 404.692.4402 or email


ASOM offers a non-denomination pastoral credentialing as well as offers Assemblies of God licensing through Georgia School of Ministry. 

All programs within the Church Ministry Department offer eligibility for the minister’s credentialing.

Missions (In our city, In our Nation, In our World)

We believe missions is one of the key cornerstones of all that we do. Not just as a school, but as the body of Christ. Therefore, we have purposefully created opportunities to minister in our city, in our Nation, and in the world. Frontline Response (formerly Atlanta Dream Center) allows students to spend time with children in the inner city with youth prevention, assist those coming out of sex-trafficking, and help those who are or are coming out of homelessness. Every spring, Atlanta School of Ministry shuts its doors and sends out the entire missionary student body in teams all over the world.

Through partnering with other organizations, we have thus far been able to send teams to India, Australia, Kenya, the Philippines, Russia, and other countries with unreached people groups that cannot be mentioned on this platform.



Atlanta School of Ministry


Atlanta School of Ministry students have the unique experience of living and working in ministry alongside the Atlanta Dream Center outreaches. Through the Atlanta Dream Center, students spend time in metro-kids ministry, sexual exploitation ministry, homeless outreach, and benevolence.